“Banned” Sander Schimmelpennink said “something very stupid” when meeting a girlfriend

"Banned" Sander Schimmelpennink said "something very stupid" when meeting a girlfriend

In scents and colors, the two tell of their first meeting. To be held in 2015, miles away: in Cape Town. Lotta is here to open an H&M store. In the evening Sunder finally dares to talk to her. “Then I had the courage to talk to you, though after a few beers,” says the presenter.

But then, Sander made a huge mistake, one Save the flag You can say. “He was nice and friendly, but he also said something really stupid, something that’s in every dating guide as an absolute no-no. He said I look like his ex, and I don’t at all. I thought that was a little weird,” Lotta tells the magazine.

That evening, Sander faces stiff competition from several foreign rugby players, but Lotta still admires Amsterdam. “He asked for my phone number. I remember you asked me to write my full name. You messaged me via Whatsapp the same night, but I didn’t see it until days later, because I didn’t use Whatsapp.”

When I finally read the letter by chance, Lotta was already long and wide in Sweden. “So I asked if she wanted to come to Amsterdam. She came in a few weeks.”

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