AvroTros comes with a special I will be leaving the XL version from the end of August | show

AvroTros comes with a special I will be leaving the XL version from the end of August |  show

Good news for I’m leavingFans: AvroTros will be releasing an XL version starting August 27th. in I’m leaving XL It shows how two different companies will go to Bonaire and Italy to build a new life abroad.

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Is it easier to start together somewhere else? Is sharing sadness half sadness? For six weeks, ups and downs, windfalls, beautiful moments, but unfortunately also sad moments can be seen in the program, because traditionally everything never goes smoothly during migration.

in I’m leaving XL You follow 63-year-old Hans and his wife Marga (60), who, along with friends Ada (62) and Wim (63) and family friend Renzo (42), keep their eyes on a “building with potential” in northeastern Friuli, Italy. Here they want to organize all-inclusive group tours, complete with painting workshops and wine tastings. It remains to be seen if the property actually has potential. In the middle of their adventure, the group of friends unfortunately have to say goodbye to Hans, who dies in Italy.

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I’m leaving XL. © Afrotros

Shaft (59) and his wife Francine (54) are leaving with friends Oscar (28) and Vanessa (33) and later also their eldest son Jean (26) and daughter-in-law Fabien (22) for Bonnier. Departure is not going smoothly, hard to say goodbye and they haven’t arranged accommodation yet. Once in Bonaire, Rinse and Francine saw the construction for the first time and discovered that things are a little different than they are in the Netherlands. It remains to be seen if the company can realize its long-awaited dream.

I XL’s departure It can be seen on NPO 1 as of Saturday, August 27, for a period of six weeks, at 8.30 p.m.

I'm leaving XL.

I’m leaving XL. © Afrotros

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