Average increase in positive tests Many people are still diving into the New Year

Average increase in positive tests Many people are still diving into the New Year

British Health Secretary Javid said that new measures in England to curb the increase in the number of corona infections are used only as a “last resort”. Javid notes that occupancy in intensive care units remains stable, despite the high number of infections and hospitalizations.

Yesterday, nearly 190,000 new infections were recorded in the UK. Stricter measures have already been introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, such as limited group size and distance rules within the catering industry.

England, home to about 80 percent of Britain’s population, has not announced any new restrictions. “Restricting our freedom should be the absolute last resort and people rightly expect us to do everything we can to avoid it,” Javid told the newspaper. daily Mail. I really think we should give ourselves the best chance of living with the virus without going ahead with drastic measures.

Javid expects that the large number of new infections and the time between infection and hospitalization will soon lead to a significant demand for care. “Inevitably, in the next month, we will continue to see a significant increase in the number of people in need of care. This is likely to test the capabilities of the national health care system more than a normal winter.” The minister calls on the British to regularly get tested and prick themselves.

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