Author: Courtney Horton

Vattenfall will stop installing heating networks for existing homes.

Vattenfall will stop installing heating networks in existing neighbourhoods. According to the energy company, the reason is “deteriorating market conditions,” which means that “attractive prices” cannot be offered to customers in existing homes. The municipality describes Vattenfall’s decision as “very disappointing.” Vattenfall’s goal was actually to connect 7,000 to 15,000 homes to the heating network […]

The housing shortage has increased again, with more than 400,000 families looking for their own housing.

Nos/Yvonne Witt News News•Today 00:03 The housing shortage is slightly higher this year than last. Research agency ABF Research says there is now a shortage of around 401,000 homes, compared with 390,000 in 2023. The agency calculates the housing shortage for the central government every year. Based in part on ABF’s figures, the government decides […]

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