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Getter is giving up Western Europe and America Good Officially Confirms: The Flash Delivery Company is withdrawing from the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The grocery service will now focus on Turkey’s home market. You can still order It is It was in the air for a whileBut now it’s confirmed: Getir folds again and Exiting all remaining […]

US attacks China by raising import tariffs

economy•May 14 ’24 at 12:15Author of the book: ANB The US is raising tariffs on many Chinese imports. In total, $18 billion worth of imports from China are subject to higher tariffs. The White House said the higher tariffs would mainly target strategic sectors such as electric cars, chips, batteries, steel and critical minerals. The […]

America with basketball stars like James and Curry

ANPLeBron James NOS game•Tuesday April 16, 11:04 USA basketball’s selection for this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris is almost complete. The world’s biggest basketball nation sends an experienced team full of stars. Eleven of the twelve spots are now filled by national coach Steve Kerr. Cameroon-born Joel Embiid, voted NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) last […]

TikTok may be banned in the US

The US House of Representatives has approved an amended version of legislation requiring TikTok parent company ByteDance to sell the platform within a year. If this doesn’t happen, the platform will be banned in the US. As stated therein The Washington Post Byte Dance will be given a maximum of 360 days to exclude TikTok. […]

US bans Chinese agricultural drones

A drone by American drone manufacturer Helio. Fears that U.S. farmers could inadvertently share vital information about the location and health of U.S. crops with China, warns agricultural drone expert Arthur Erickson, CEO of Hylio. – Photo: Hylio Drones are rapidly gaining popularity in American agriculture, but the consequences can be serious if agricultural drones […]

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