Investors will be paying attention to key US inflation figures in the upcoming stock market week

Investors will be paying attention to key US inflation figures in the upcoming stock market week

Investors believe US inflation will cool further in May. If inflation is weak, the central bank may cut interest rates sooner. At a meeting earlier this month, central bank policymakers again left interest rates unchanged. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that while US inflation has eased, it remains high. Policymakers will decide on interest rates again at the end of next month.

Inflation data from France will be released on Friday. Statistics agency INSEE will publish provisional consumer prices for June. In May, consumer prices were 2.3 percent higher than a year earlier. Growth in French people’s daily living costs could also affect the country’s snap parliamentary elections, which begin next Sunday.

Business results

Investors must deal with certain corporate decisions. For example, FedEx will release results for the last fiscal year on Tuesday. The U.S. Postal and Parcel Delivery Company performed better than expected in its third quarter, thanks in part to cost savings and job cuts. FedEx announced it will reward shareholders by buying back $5 billion worth of its own stock.

Nike will announce results for the last fiscal year on Thursday. This includes looking at how many sports shoes and other products the American sports brand has sold. Earlier this month, it was announced that Nike was laying off 2 percent of its workforce as part of a $2 billion savings plan. Tech investor Process will report its full-year results at Tamrock on Monday.

US stocks moved to record highs last trading week, mainly due to strong price gains by Nvidia. The AI ​​chip company is briefly the world’s most valuable company with a market capitalization of over $3.3 trillion. However, on Thursday, that position reverted to Microsoft. In Amsterdam, ASMI, among others, led higher AEX levels, but on Friday the chip company finished as one of the biggest decliners.

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