Author: Herb Brewer

American expert Rymer Barth speaks at Bogandale

Manusama by Rymer Barth. Photo: Meppel – On Tuesday evening, May 14, Kenneth Manusama, American expert, lawyer and author of the book “Democracy of the Wild West”, visits the Riemer Barth bookstore on the Woldstraat in Meppel. Viewers can discuss today’s America, upcoming elections and political relations there, and their impact on world politics. Of […]

‘America is a shocking country’

International•24 Dec ’23 at 09:30Author of the book: Mark van Hareveldt Joe Biden’s America is a traumatized country, a country ‘in limbo’, says US expert Laila Frank. Frank points to a series of shocks facing the country: the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and Trump’s four years in the Capitol by storm. “Americans […]

US and Israel block UN vote again

International•Dec 21 ’23 at 06:32Author of the book: PNR Web Editorial The UN Security Council has again postponed a vote on a ceasefire in Gaza. Polling has been postponed for the third consecutive day. Although the exact wording of a resolution was previously the most important obstacle, the monitoring system for aid is the product […]

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