Months later, the US agrees to a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine

Mike Johnson

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The US House of Representatives has approved a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine. The support is crucial for a country that was invaded by Russia two years ago and is coming off a war.

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, the lack of new US support would mean the end of Ukraine and trigger World War III. “Every missile, every drone must be shot down,” he stressed earlier. “The world can do it, our partners can do it.”

Zelensky welcomed the US commitment. “I am grateful to the United States House of Representatives, bipartisanship and Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision to keep history on track,” Zelensky wrote in X. He also wrote that aid would save thousands of lives.

Ukraine produces a large number of drones, but is heavily dependent on allies for other weapons. There is great difficulty in increasing production in Europe.

Although the Senate has previously agreed to a similar plan, it has long been unclear whether support will be forthcoming in the United States. But the Senate and House are not evenly matched: Democrats have a majority in the Senate, and Republicans have a narrow majority in the House of Representatives.


Some Republicans, led by presidential candidate Trump, have opposed the plan for months. Mike Johnson, the Republican speaker of the House, was among those opponents, but he appeared to be leading the way last week.

“I can make a selfish choice, but I’m doing exactly what I think here. Arms support for Ukraine is very important,” he said in an interview. He also said that if the West is not careful, Putin will soon go to the Baltic states or Poland.

To get billions in support for Ukraine, Johnson chose to vote separately on an aid package for the country, among other things. In the Senate it was a combined aid package worth more than $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Also, part of the money for Ukraine is now not paid, but a loan. Other parts of the original support package were also accepted by the council.

Russia’s response

A Kremlin spokesman told Russian state news agency TASS that the US aid package would “further devastate” Ukraine and lead to more casualties in the country. The spokesman said Russia would respond with measures in its own interest.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also responded. His spokesman said on stage telegram Support for “Kyiv regime is direct donation to terrorists”.

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