Author: Herb Brewer

US – IT Pro – Intel wins contract with Pentagon to set up chip manufacturing ecosystem in News

Intel Foundry Services heads the U.S. Department of Defense chip manufacturing program. So the company will work in an organization FoundryEcosystem for chip design and production within the United States. Intel The contract is awarded Under RAMP-CU.S. Defense Program. The project enables the production of commercial chips using the US-based semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem, for example, […]

Emerging Saudi Arabia is exploring growth in the United States with new investments

Saudi Arabian Farmer Red Sea Farms recently completed its latest financial round. The investment target exceeded 8.5 million euros. A total of மில்லியன் 13 million was raised from investors from their home country, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Increased investment is accelerating the potential of Red Sea farms to expand their operations […]

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