Attorney’s Office issues arrest warrants against Sanchez Seron and three other former FMLN officers

According to the prosecutor’s office, former officials were involved in embezzling more than $ 350 million in state funds during the former president’s government and Mauricio Funes, who escaped justice.

During a press conference, Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado, who was appointed by the ruling party, presented five former prisoners of the Mauritius Funes government, and three former officers have been issued arrest warrants for money laundering.

According to Delcado, all three officials are former President of the Republic, Salvador Sanchez Seron, Gerson Martinez, former Minister of Public Works; Like Lena, former Environment Minister and; Jose Guillermo Lopez Suarez, former chairman of the Autonomous Ports Authority (CEPA).

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Between 2009 and 2014, all former officers were charged with embezzling more than $ 350 million from the state of Salvador during the presidency of Funes, and an arrest warrant was issued following an investigation, according to the prosecutor’s office. Carried out since 2019 against the accused.

In a statement, FGR Sanchez said Seron, Lina Paul and Lopez Suarez were both out of the country.

With this in mind, during the same press conference, the Director of the National Civil Police (PNC), Mauricio Arias Sikas, said he would ask Interpol to implement red broadcasts that could be searched internationally. We will make a request to Interpol when the “Operation Fraud” case is pursued, “he said.

The five former officers arrested this Thursday afternoon were handed over to the press by the imposed Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado and Minister of Justice and Defense Gustavo Villadoro. Photo by EDH / Francisco Rubio

Prior to the issuance of the arrest warrants against these three former officers, the FGR and the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety were the first to arrest Violeta Menzver, Carlos Cicero, Erlinda Handal, Calicasto Mejia and Hugo Flores Hidalgo for the crimes pointed out in the operation. Fraud.

According to figures pointed out by the prosecuting attorney, the seized former officers are accused of receiving extra legal money as a bonus from the so-called secret item.

According to Delcado, Violeta Menzover 7 would have received $ 177,000; Carlos Cozares $ 210 thousand; Calico Magic 8 208 thousand; $ 177 thousand as Lina; Jose Guillermo Lopez Suarez $ 565 thousand; Hugo Flores $ 174 thousand; $ 162 thousand by Erlinda Hunt; Gerson Martinez 0 290 thousand and; Salvador Sanchez Seron 30 530 thousand; According to all financial taxes, bonuses are considered.

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During the presentation of the detainees, many protested on the outskirts of the area, demanding that the rights of the detainees be respected at the PNC’s deputy directorate, and that they have been detained in arbitrary procedures, FMLN members said.

“A few minutes ago our dear doctor Violeta Menzover was detained by the BNC without any explanation; in the same way Comrade Erlinda Handel. We demand that the comprehensive special law for human rights and non-violence be respected,” said former deputy Nidia Theas on her Twitter account. Released in the afternoon.

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