Attention neighbors! DJ Adoni says, “Everyone knows what his purpose is.”

In a video dedicated to his Instagram followers, DJ Adoni thanked those who cared about him and “supported” him in response to the “Tetio Caravan” he sent through the courts, which mobilized hundreds of people in Dowert and boycotted the Govt-19 operations of Hermannas.

At the release, the musician stressed that “everyone knows what his purpose is, so thank you very much.”

“To respect the ethics so much, we are going to leave Govt-19 together. Blessings, everyone knows what my purpose is, so thank you so much,” he said.

DJ Adoni pointed out that when he arrived in the country last Monday morning, authorities were notified that he would have to appear in the office of Judge Yeni Bernice Rhinoso “to avoid a crowd outside the public prosecutor’s office.”

“The observant neighbor said that when I arrived in the country this morning, I was told not to appear at the San Francisco attorney’s office, but at Judge Yeni Bernice’s office to avoid crowds outside the attorney’s office,” he said.

The music mixer thanked Denares, San Francisco, Salceto and “the entire Dominican Republic who cared about me.”

Preventive social work

After starring in “Teto Caravan” on July 13th, DJ Adoni should carry out preventive social work against Govit-19, including participating in official activities that focus on raising awareness among the public about the need to be vaccinated against the virus.

DJ Adoni publicly apologized and promised to “act to ensure that citizens respect environmental and health laws” and to maintain ethics to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

In case of breach of commitment, the musician shall face a criminal charge for breach of Rule 64-00 and Rule 42-01.

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