Attention – Haiti: Balagur, Abinadar and the Essential Fence

All solutions have been tried to apply in Haiti, and nothing seems to have worked and the moment of despair seems to have come – with the assassination of President Joval Moss – this failed state of affairs has been declared at the terminal, after the purest nation of America has certainly built a nation that has failed to become a viable republic.

Slave Rebellion-Conquest – From one day to the next, on “Night of the Knives”, killing 25,000 whites and half of the Mulattos, making the rich colony in France extremely poor, gradually destroying the remaining wealth, agrarian reform, more than 200 years – blindly registering – What turned it into a desert, exclusively by the law of a black city, closed itself to foreign investment and the inability to build a political class, at least to date, prevented the building of a viable state.

As of 1978, the United States had abandoned dictatorships and dictatorial democracies, with the exception of Cuba, where democracy had prevailed, with the Haitian Jean-Claude Duvalier leaving 35 years ago in 1986. However, Dusainte’s homeland deteriorated.

It was convenient to criticize France and the economic conditions imposed by Napoleon for accepting its independence, but that was not the reason for this historical situation. Most recently, in the last three decades, there has been no shortage of international assistance because Haiti IT has been the target for the largest international cooperation on the continent for the past seven decades.

When ousted President Jean-Bertraine Aristide returned to power, EU Commissioner Manuel Maran, in December 1994, excitedly told me that I had $ 500 million and that the EU would have the same amount in euros to rebuild Haiti. The world achieved in October 1994. Everything continued to get worse.

On that occasion – especially pleasant, because on that trip I received the first banana allotment for the country and 17 million ECUs for projects with Haiti – I did not notice the glow he saw in the eyes of senior European official Carlos Morales, and he asked why he did not believe in that plan.

• Because he did not say how many helicopters he was going to rent in his interesting exhibition.

What for, Minister? He responded with surprise.

• Well, because the only way to distribute $ 1,000 million in a country where there are no companies – without religious and business associations, professionals, workers, universities, banks – is to throw it out of the air.

I visited Haiti – surrounded by tragedy since 1804, at which time OAS and UN. – Several times since the removal of the President in 1991; I spoke with the military leader Raul Cedras and all the politicians involved in the crisis: there was only one political issue, Aristide.

Some jobs were lost in the free zones, basic food and medicine were out of stock, and when they were turned off, hospitals had no medicine: people died on the streets, where they slept in Port-au-Prince, as a result of the inhumane act of the international community – judged without knowledge-. But there is no confusion.

In that moment of despair, for humanitarian reasons and for the political survival of our country, Dr. Joaquin Balague authorized hospitals to carry fuel, but never allowed “recommended” camps by various countries and organizations.

The United States and Europe, through the United Nations – disregarding the historical reality – disbanded the military, the only institution in the country – to bring Aristide back to power, and when he won a second term, he returned to the left, and the United States sacked him and deported him to Africa: the rest of history. .Na Minust-in-Port-O-Prince has been maintained for many years- spent billions of dollars on its failure, of course I would not return it. During this period, the gangs that control Haiti today appeared or were strengthened, basically dealing with disaster tourism, voluntary charities and tragedy, tax crime, kidnapping and disorder.

At the end of Aristide’s tenure, I met Renே Brewall in December 1995, who won the election and called the country shortly before taking office. Aristide did not end his next term (2001-2004), and his successors, including the second term of Prival, affected by the 2010 earthquake – ruled without stable heads of government or with an outdated parliament, in the face of severe political instability. The date of the assassination of a political mob, apparently without political affiliation, but for a political purpose – condemned by the whole world – is the assassination of a president by some mourners in his country and the resignation of whoever they were during his entire tenure.

When he died, his enemies handed him over that his order was over; The prime minister who survived him was fired and the nominee appointed by the president was not approved by parliament, an organization already plagued by the dissolved expiration date. In the next row, in the absence of a vice president, he is replaced by a recently deceased court-martial: it is found only in Haiti.

If the absence of a political class in Haiti is already serious, but rather temporary members, it is a cabinet headed by a prime minister – more of a piece of the political system than of appointing a government body – it takes less than a year on average – it requires twelve and sometimes more parties, which Leads to weak and short-lived action without continuing possibility: History shows that the French semi-presidential regime is unlikely to function in Haiti, for which the assassinated president held a referendum on September 26 this year.

The presidential system used across the United States has high potential, however serious it may not be, and is a basis for preparing two generations of citizens in Haiti, except that the UN resolution acknowledges that it should be protected for at least 20 years. The beginning of democracy with a very practical constitution. In the meantime, President Abinader’s position on closing the border to avoid tidal waves is correct and, for practical reasons, authorizes the shipment of fuel and food. However, a fence is needed to allow us to mark and protect our territory.

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