! @#$% at the end of PS5 shortages and Hogwartz Legacy boycotts

!  @#$% at the end of PS5 shortages and Hogwartz Legacy boycotts

Tuesday mornings, as usual, are devoted to the business side of the games. Regular hosts Boris and JJ are on hand to discuss all of the past week’s business developments with you at peep show. And hatsa, this time there is no topic about Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard. nothing at all. We’ve been out of it for a while and are focusing on other things. Because there is a lot going on in the industry right now. What about the story that can damage the PS5 in portrait mode PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has promised that PS5 inventory problems are over and the online debate over whether or not you can buy Hogwarts Legacy is over. You’ll see and hear this and more news at Peepshow on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

“The time for the PS5 shortage is over”

Jim Ryan promised at CES in Las Vegas that the days of the PS5 shortage are over. This is a very powerful promise. After all, he doesn’t have a crystal ball. And is it true that arrows are also absent everywhere from now on? Or does it differ from country to country. Boris and JJ look at the problem and give their opinion. They also do about the alleged problem with the PS5. It can break if they leave the console vertical for too long. Is the story true and is there a response from PlayStation? You will get the answer in this video.

CD Projekt Red deliberately released a “broken” game

We’ll also talk about a lawsuit that was filed against CD Projekt Red a few years ago. Their game Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t fare so well on Xbox One and PS4. And CD Projekt Red knew that. However, the Poles released the game. The outcome of the trial has now been announced. What is the ruling? Or is there something that works? You will get the answer in this new version of Peepshow.

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