Asus brochure shows PN65 mini PC, first with Meteor Lake chips – PC News

Asus is working on a new PN mini PC that has a 14th generation Intel CPU. So it would be the first mini PC with such a processor, but it is not clear if and which CPU it is Meteor Lake.

information comes from Manual on the Asus website. It contains a spec sheet with information about the PN65, which should be the successor to the current generation of Asus mini PCs. That company unveiled the PN64 and PN52 earlier this year. These mini PCs have a Raptor Lake Core i7-13700H or 13800H laptop processor. According to the spec sheet, the new model will have an Intel 14th Gen Core processor with a tdp of 28W.

It is not yet clear what exactly the processor will be. Last month, Intel said it would change the name of Meteor Lakes. It is also not yet clear whether the 14th generation of socs will be an H, P or U model.

Other than that, the PN65 has largely the same form factor and specifications as the previous PN64 model. However, working memory has changed. The new model has DDR5-5600 memory, where it was DDR5-4800 in the previous model. The device has two sodimm slots for up to 64GB of RAM and two M.2 2280-PCIe 4 hard drives suitable for the device for storage. The mini PC also has a 2.5GbE port and two HDMI ports. There are also two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports and three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports on the device. One USB-C port supports DisplayPort 1.4 Alt Mode.

It is not yet known what the PN65 will cost. It is also not known when this device will be on the market.

Asus PN65

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