Astronomers have discovered a huge black hole ‘practically in our own backyard’ | Sciences

Astronomers have discovered a huge black hole 'practically in our own backyard' |  Sciences
Astronomers have detected a large black hole at a relatively small distance from Earth, according to reports University of Alabama. It is a black hole that weighs twelve times the weight of our sun.

The newly discovered black hole is closer to Earth than any other black hole discovered so far. Only 1,550 light-years away, the black hole is located “practically in Earth’s backyard,” according to the researchers.

Detecting black holes remains a challenge for astronomers. The attraction of a black hole is so great that not even light can escape from it. As a result, black holes can only be detected indirectly.

Astronomers mainly look at the way stars move through the universe. Deviations in it may indicate the presence of a black hole. To discover this black hole, scientists examined the motions of 200,000 so-called binary stars.

It is almost impossible to photograph a black hole. Astronomers succeeded for the first time in 2019. Earlier this year, so far Best picture Made from a black hole. This black hole can be found at a distance of 27,000 light years from Earth.

Scientists are gaining more and more knowledge about black holes. The discovery of a black hole very close to Earth will also contribute to this. Perhaps more than a million black holes are hidden in the Milky Way, the galaxy of which Earth and the Sun are part.

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