Artificial intelligence pioneer leaves Google, and now warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence pioneer leaves Google, and now warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence pioneer Jeffrey Hinton spoke on Monday New York times Be warned about the potential risks of artificial intelligence. He did so shortly after he quit Google, at which he had worked for over a decade. In the interview, the 76-year-old Hinton expressed her deep concern about the speed at which artificial intelligence is developing. “Look at the developments in the past five years. Project this development into the future. This is scary.”

Hinton, who also worked for many years at the University of Toronto, founded a company in 2012 with which he focused on artificial intelligence. Together with two graduate students, he developed a program that would later form the basis of, among other things, ChatGPT. In 2013, his company was acquired by Google for $44 million (about €40 million), after which Hinton also started working in the billion-dollar company.

The “Godfather of AI,” as he is called in the tech world, is leaving Google so that he can speak freely about the dangers of AI from now on. In the The New York TimesInterview, however, it does not reveal anything about his previous work. Nor does he say much about the dangers he believes await humanity. However, he says it is almost impossible to prevent “bad players [kunstmatige intelligentie] Use it for bad purposes.”

Concerns with tech celebrities

With his open concerns, Hinton joins many leaders in the tech industry. In March, more than 1,100 major tech sector players collectively called for a temporary halt to AI systems. According to them, advanced AI systems pose great risks to society if companies do not handle them carefully. Soon after that call followed open letter From nineteen former leaders of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, including a similar warning.

Moreover, Hinton isn’t the first (former) Google employee to warn about the dangers of AI. In April, Google employees got involved, according to the news agency bloomberg Already the alarm about the very rapid development of artificial intelligence within the company, from their point of view. The staff provided an analysis of the potential risks of the programme. They concluded that Bard, Google’s chatbot, was not sufficiently developed for general use. Policy makers ignored this warning, after which Bard became available to the general public.

Geoffrey Hinton Jeffrey Hinton In today’s New York Times, Cade Metz points out that I quit Google so I could criticize Google. In fact, I left so I could talk about the dangers of AI without thinking about how it might affect Google. Google has acted very responsibly.

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