Arnold Schwarzenegger picks up the “Conan” sword again

Arnold Schwarzenegger picks up the "Conan" sword again

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popularity is growing on social media. His followers love his positive content. The 76-year-old star is out Terminator, Twins And True lies He has a dry sense of humor and keeps telling and motivating.

He also does not sit still. His new series Fubar It was a success, just like his new documentary Arnold. His new newsletters and podcasts are going well. However, the actor and former governor is launching a new book. Be helpful and can now be ordered.

Conan the Barbarian
Arnold opens his first book box in his own unique way – with his character Conan’s sword. The movie Conan the Barbarian It was released in 1982. Arnold was then at the beginning of his impressive film career, while he had already won several bodybuilding titles.

His Instagram video below shows how important the ceremony was. His pets face the official moment. Then his donkey, pony and pig can look at the book. Of course there is toast: with cookies.

Unique sample
Arnold writes in the video: “I received my first box of books and brought my team to check it out. I’m sure my rules can help you. No matter what you want to achieve, they have definitely helped me.”

His followers responded enthusiastically to his message. Some say they have already ordered the book. Others love his pets. His son Patrick writes in the style: “You, sir, are one of a kind.” And Arnold certainly is.

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