Argentina Organic Lemons for America

Argentina Organic Lemons for America

Carlos Parravicini, CEO of Argentina Lemon, sees the company’s first two shipments of organic lemons from the Argentine province of Tucuman arriving in the U.S. “in very good condition and with perfect quality.”

“It is important for us to reach a demanding market like the US with a fresh, safe, clean and certified organic product. This is an achievement for the entire group. A total of 75 tons were unloaded at the Port of Philadelphia. The fruit is destined for many outlets in the US. As organic is the fastest growing and demanding segment in the US, this The truth has encouraged us to increase the scale even more,” says Carlos Parravicini.

“In July 2022, at the beginning of the US market, it was a great moment that the first two shipments arrived in the US in very good condition and in perfect quality. Organic fruit is a living product and during cultivation and storage no. synthetic materials are involved in the sorting process. We only work with certified organic fruit. “It is difficult and expensive to keep organic lemons fresh because, unlike traditional cultivation, preservatives are not allowed,” Parravicini said in a statement.

Organic lemon certification
The company is no stranger to selling certified organic lemons. The Argentinian lemon grove known as La Isla is located at the foot of a hill in the south of Tucuman, certified for 10 years. It is a lengthy process that requires technology and different raw materials and materials than those used in traditional cultivation. Tucumán is considered one of the best lemon growing areas in the world.

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Some facts about the company:

  • It has been exporting lemons without post-harvest treatment to markets in the EU and Canada for 20 years;
  • Since 2016, it has also developed certified derivatives (concentrated extract and essential oil);
  • In 2019, exported certified organic lemons to Canada for the first time;
  • In 2021, it exported certified organic lemons to Mexico for the first time.

Key Characteristics of an Organic Fruit Consumer
“Bio-consumers share a philosophy of life and a view of the world and food, act as protectors of the environment and users of natural and sustainable products. They demand and are willing to pay for products with added value. This trend of thinking is growing and already evident in Northern European countries, the United States and Canada. .”

“However, this fact does not disqualify the traditional cultivation, other production and sales line, which is naturally very mature and developed. All our products meet the high standards we impose on ourselves, and all set us today,” he says.

According to Parrovicini, the company strives to provide “tailor-made” solutions to each client’s needs and preferences. “We see an opportunity to meet the demand for certified organic lemons and we are working hard to achieve the highest standards in this segment as well. This year we launched two own brands: EcoArgenti for organic lemons and ArgentiNat, a brand for lemons without post-harvest treatment.”

“Argenti Lemon continuously harvests all types of lemons the customer requests. We guarantee standardized quality and traceability throughout the season. We’ve been doing it for 25 years,” concludes Parrovicini.

For more information:
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