Are you robbed of your own wallet when buying premium brands? This is the result of today’s statement

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Pampers for diapers, Coca-Cola for thirst quenching and Dove for laundry. You pay top price for these A-brands, especially in the Netherlands.

In our country, consumers pay much more for A brands than elsewhere in Europe, and this upsets Joris Bakers outing supermarket delivery. “The cost price of each product is almost identical, but the price differences per country are huge. That is why the Dutch pay billions of euros more for the same products than consumers in large countries like Germany and France do.” Therefore, the company buys its well-known brands in markets where prices are lower.

But why actually buy A-brands? Are they really that much better than the home brands – which are a lot cheaper? So our statement was “You’re stealing your own wallet if you buy A-brands”.

Pay for advertising

And the vast majority of readers – 86% – think so. Opinions differ slightly on the difference in quality between expensive brands and other brands. In almost all cases, private labels are just as good and cheaper. So why the brand? Are expensive brands better? “I get the strong impression that you’re basically paying for advertising,” suggests one voter.

Not everyone thinks so, even if they agree with the statement. Because “some brand A products are tastier than private label”.

to Germany

Some voters regularly deviate from our neighbors to buy groceries. I buy it in Germany. They just have a price there. Dutch price is higher so they can do promotions like 1+1 for free. Then I go once every few weeks and take several things with me at the same time.

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