February 1, 2023

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Are Thomas and Meryl from De Bachelor still together?

Are Thomas and Meryl from De Bachelor still together?

Attention, this article contains spoilers about BSC.

Thomas late to the reunion BSC I know he went to great lengths to keep the outcome of his adventure a secret. Merel was on his phone with a different name, and at one point he bought a “privacy screen,” so others couldn’t see when he unlocked his phone. Luckily for him, word finally got out: Thomas and Meryl can scream from the rooftops that they’re six months into filming BSC They are still together.

Lovebirds are over heels in love with each other. “Right now I’m really sure of us,” Merrill reveals. “He’s the one I’d rather be with.” Thomas, too, is still sitting on a pink cloud. “Every now and then I look at her and think: Yeah, she’s really pretty and pretty. Then I hardly think she’s mine. That’s unreal.”

The past few months have been very difficult for the couple, as they were not allowed to perform in public in the Netherlands. As a result, they are doomed to couch appointments and holidays abroad. Through their many sessions on the couch and adventures outside, Thomas and Meryl got to know each other better.

Merrill: “I like Thomas a lot more in real life than in Mexico. You get to know each other in such other areas. How kind he is with the people around him, and how hard he works with friends, family, and people who care about him. Dear. That’s what makes him like This beautiful person.”

In the meantime, Thomas couldn’t be happier with the program’s outcome. “I was so hopeful that you would meet someone you click really well, feel comfortable with yourself and can share everything with. That support is what I have been looking for and found. It makes me so happy. It makes me really, really happy.”

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full season of BSC It can now be seen in Videoland.