Are holidays under stress? More and more countries are mandating vaccination

Are holidays under stress?  More and more countries are mandating vaccination

The world is opening up more and more. Starting next week, it will be possible to travel to the United States again. At the same time, the number of corona infections is increasing in our country, but also in neighboring countries. Are the holidays under stress again?

“We are seeing that more and more destinations, also outside the European Union, will require people to be vaccinated in order to enter,” Frank Osdam, president of umbrella travel organization ANVR, says on the topic at WNL Op Saturday on NPO Radio 1: direction.”

Osdam believes that the rapid increase in the number of increasing infections will not pose a problem for people who have been vaccinated. “You may have to do additional testing somewhere.”


In principle, all regions outside Europe are currently orange. “I hope that will change again, and that the world will open up again,” Osdam says. Therefore, the president of ANVR is pleased that the United States will again be accessible to the Dutch next week. Vaccinated travelers should also be tested prior to departure for the United States.

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Written by: Marinka Wagmans

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