February 4, 2023

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Appointed Russia Correspondent Iris de Graaf Language State Master 2022

Appointed Russia Correspondent Iris de Graaf Language State Master 2022

Ida Albertsbauer

NOS NewsRate

NOS reporter Iris de Graaf through the radio program language status His name is Taalstaatmeester 2022. The award was presented to the Russia correspondent in the studio by the broadcaster Frits Spets.

The award is for someone who has excelled in the past year because of their use of language. The KRO-NCRV Program Committee commends De Graaf for her clear way of explaining. One speaker says, “Her language is rich, but not cramped. Her text shows engagement, but she keeps her words neutral.”

“Tell me as simply as possible.”

De Graaf is happy with the compliments. “I am always too busy asking: Who am I talking to now?” For example, she imagines telling her mother or friend about her contribution to television “I want to tell the story for her as simply as possible. The fact that it stands out and goes so well is a huge compliment to me.”

It is the sixth time that the Language Prize has been awarded. In addition to De Graaf, Caroline van der Plas (BoerBurgerBeweging) and Foreign Minister Eric van der Burg (Justice and Security) are nominated. The committee consists of writers, journalists and scholars. They care about clarity, credibility, clear language, knowledge and enthusiasm.