Apple’s self-service repair program is now available in the United States

Apple's self-service repair program is now available in the United States

Apple has officially launched its self-service repair program in the United States. IPhone users can use this to repair their broken iPhones themselves.

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Fix your iPhone yourself: In the US it is now possible

Is it yours? IPhoneDid the screen ever help with a bad crack? You know that apple repair is very expensive and takes a relatively long time. After all, you have to make an appointment, deliver the device at a specific time and usually pick it up again after a few hours. For now, there is another way to fix your iPhone – ie if you live in the US.

Apple has one Self-service repair program Launched in the United States, it allows users to send repair tools to their homes. Tools include tools and accessories needed to repair your iPhone at home. These are the same parts and tools used by Apple Repairers.

You rent the tool kit for $ 49 a week. You can also buy personal tools that you may have. The iPhone parts are unfortunately quite expensive depending on the model and the damage. Apple offers repair tools IPhone 13-Series, IPhone 12Series and iPhone SE13 The iPhone 13 screen repair kit costs $ 269 and the battery pack costs $ 79.

Different pricing strategy

The prices of the repair bundle are a bit strange in our view. For example, repairing the screen of the iPhone 13 at the Apple Store costs only $ 10. Why on earth do you have to do it yourself? After all, Apple’s repairers read it and know exactly what they’re doing. The battery repair kit is $ 10 more expensive than replacing your battery at the Apple Store.

So the self-service repair program is very interesting for those who live far away from the Apple Store. Because a lot of people in the United States live outside of big cities, repair tools are more appropriate there than in the Netherlands. So Apple does not see the self-service repair program as a way to offer users cheaper repairs, but to give everyone access to repairs.

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