Apple Watch Series 7 releases on October 15 – tablets and phones – news

Keep in mind that this consumer paradise goes through merchant employment Not from the creator. If you buy something abroad, you have to go to this foreign provider to get your guarantee. Same thing online; If you order a product via a foreign website, you must claim your guarantee on that foreign online store. Any warranty provided by Apple for products not purchased directly from Apple is merely a service provided by Apple as the manufacturer, and is not an obligation.

It is different if you are buying directly from Apple itself, Apple is the legally obligated party to provide the warranty. But the question is whether legal Like Apple in the US, for example, it’s the same legal entity as Apple Netherlands. Given the structure of the company (eg European regulations versus US regulations) this would certainly not be the case.
This is why Apple in the Netherlands (Apple “Nederland BV”), for example, cannot be forced to offer a warranty on an iPhone purchased in the United States (in Apple “America BV”). Same with the Apple Watch. If you bought one from Apple in, say, Bulgaria (Apple “Bulgaria BV”), the question is whether Apple “Nederland BV” (or any other country) should offer a warranty. If they did, it would be a service (in the context of customer loyalty, a good name, etc.), not an obligation.

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