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Starting with iOS 15.2, it will be possible to go back to parts and service history for iPhones. This is evident from the Apple Support page. In the settings menu, users will soon be able to check whether certain parts in the iPhone are original or not.

As of iOS 15.2, iPhone users can view the parts and service history of their devices. This information can be found in the Settings app, where you have to select the General submenu and then press the Info button.

There, users of iPhone XR, XS, XS Max or second generation iPhone SE will be able to check if the battery has been replaced and if this is an original from Apple. On iPhone 11, 12 and 13, in addition to battery information, the screen repair history will also be available. With iPhone 12 and 13, you can see the history of the battery, screen and camera if they were replaced before and if they are original parts.

If the replaced part is not from the original Apple, was used before in another iPhone, or does not work as Apple expects, the text “Unknown Part” will appear in the repair history.

Users can According to Apple You may also see a notification that the company has updated device information for your iPhone. This applies to the display and battery, according to the company, and means that Apple retains or updates information about the iPhone in question for a security analysis.

iOS 15.2 will include a tag “Digital Legacy Feature This makes it possible for the next of kin to access the iCloud data of a deceased person. The new version of the operating system should also ensure that the iPhone 13 screen is “simpler” again can replaceFace ID does not stop working.

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