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Apple has reduced the time it takes for the menu to pop up when you long press an widget. Where in iOS 16 there is at least half a second, in iOS 17 it can be set to one-fifth of a second.

Within Haptic Touch there are now three options to choose from, 9to5Mac reports. Where it used to be “Fast” and “Slow”, it is now “Fast”, “Standard” and “Slow”. The slow option takes about the same time as iOS 16, but the “Standard” option in iOS 17 is the same as the “Fast” option in iOS 16, 0.5 seconds. The new “fast” is much faster at 0.2 seconds.

Haptic Touch, called in Dutch as it is in English, is a replacement for what used to be called 3D Touch. This works with pressure-sensitive touchscreens from different generations of iPhone. Apple discontinued it in the iPhone XR and from the iPhone 11 series no Apple phone has it anymore. Apps that work with 3D Touch fall back on Haptic Touch, which is similar to a long press in other operating systems. This often leads to an additional menu appearing.

The option wasn’t in the first iOS 17 beta, but it was only added recently. Tweakers published a preview of iOS 17 a few weeks ago.

Watch again: iOS 17 video preview

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