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Yes, then you are very lucky. Or do you have Apple Care with it? ;)

The MBP (mid 2012 model, last before Retina models) had BT/Wi-Fi package “disabled” during the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 (El Capitan). I can either use BT or Wi-Fi – I’m not talking about actually connecting, but having the adapter in the settings at all prevented both from working. So I had to mess around with two coils, each containing only one of the two adapters mentioned. Nothing helped: New installation of El Capitan, reset of NVRAM/PRAM, you name it – even reinstalling Yosemite didn’t help. I got in touch with the seller, with Apple itself, and even walked into two different Apple Stores in London. No, not everything can be replaced, because it just worked, right? I managed to pay several hundred euros to replace the motherboard. Finally went here once with Ivizi and that guy said right away that this happened regularly with this model and El Capitan and that there was nothing that could be done about it. They also did not receive any response from Apple.

I was sitting with my laptop priced at €3,000 (they were top specs at the time).

The most painful part of the whole story? I’ve accepted the situation so far (I wouldn’t really buy a new one), so when Sierra came out, I just installed it. And the whole stack is working normally.

Hence the quotes about “Disabled”, because it was just a software issue. Somewhere a piece of firmware that Apple didn’t update properly, it’s also just a standard Apple problem. They are good at making things beautiful, but especially when it comes to software, the technical side isn’t always the best. Sort of like the pstops (CUPS filter that Apple forgot to recompile) issue in version 10.6, which made professional printing nearly impossible.

Apple is also not easy in terms of hardware. Issues with Nvidia GPUs were not recognized in the past until a mass action was launched in the US. Personally, I know 3 people who just paid to get this “fix” (read: they showed up on a new motherboard).

Well, I was very lucky ;)

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