Apple releases the first public beta of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 – tablets and phones – news

I don’t know if the new lock screen makes me very happy. It looks useful but it’s only fast and seems to be half assembled. I find it quite unclear where to look for my settings now (half in focus, half in the lock screen itself, and where can I find my wallpaper settings? Screen?), you’ll get all sorts of prompts that are partially or unexplained correct (“Create a new wallpaper” but am I actually going to create a lock screen?), and the sleep mode looks like a top filter is thrown in which darkens the entire screen and washes out the colors.

Also a nice idea: after linking my lock screen to sleep focus mode, my home screen also became spam and I don’t know how to remove this page again, the iOS 15 method no longer works.

Yes, it’s the first public beta and a lot can change, but I’m not used to such a mess from Apple, the features are usually fairly well baked into the software and are already relatively well developed in the first public beta. Linking to Focus Mode is well thought out and seems to work well.

I also feel like I’m missing three-quarters of the features offered on the iPad; There are no lock screen changes besides the clock streak, and I don’t get Stage Manager because I don’t have an M1. Then there was almost nothing left…?

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