Apple rehires prominent audio engineer who worked on HomePod – Sound and Vision – News

Apple has once again hired sound engineer Afrooz Family and given him the role of Head of the Homepod Program. The family worked as an audio engineer on the original Homepod and left shortly after the speaker was released in 2018.

News comes from sources from Bloomberg. The move may indicate that Apple wants to put more effort into how the Homepod will compete with products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The family meanwhile at the beginning sing who also manufactures audio equipment. Score The Verge dat Family in Syng I have seen It became like the company’s “secret weapon”. He was going to leave there.

HomePod is no longer produced, but will continue to receive updates; Version 15 of the program came out last month. The smart speaker was launched in the market in February of 2018 for $349 and was discontinued in March of this year. The $99 HomePod Mini, released in November of 2020, is still in production.

The HomePod has received praise from reviewers for sound quality, but also criticism for limiting a lot of functionality to services and products within the Apple ecosystem. Despite the fact that the HomePod hasn’t been officially released in the Netherlands and Belgium, Tweakers still have it. review, in the form of a news report along with the Google Home Max.

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