“Apple puts its own Wi-Fi chip development on the back burner” – Tablets & Phones – News

You are now working with extremes, there is such a thing as “good enough”. Desktop computers have long crossed this threshold, and laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. have also crossed it.

A 1Gb network is more than enough for the majority of society (actually much less, but the difference between 100Mb and 1Gb is very large), at least on a personal consumption level. Only at a much higher level do you already have more it is necessary. This is also the case with WiFi, as we already went over this “bump” a few years ago.

Do I see any use for eg 10Gb vs 1Gb, yes of course, even at home (which is also where I work), but that’s because I’m doing more than the average user. However, the last time I upgraded things here, 10Gb was a huge power hog, and produced a lot of heat and a lot of noise. In addition to the high costs. This cost/benefit formula was very negative for 10Gb in my home, but for some customers it wouldn’t be enough even on some parts of the network.

As we expected, we are entering a recession, where consumers are more careful about spending money and not spending it if it is not absolutely necessary. Apple is already responding to this by limiting resources. Is the consumer getting warm (or hot) from a new Apple WiFi chip? From Wi-Fi 6(E)? Mostly not. What is currently selling Apple products, newer / faster computer (chipsets), so it is not surprising that they are focusing on this.

Apple is doing very well in the area of ​​energy efficient laptop processors (and mini PCs). But Apple doesn’t really have a replacement for high-end desktops yet, there’s still Xeon in the MacPro… Even the M1 Ultra (20 cores) doesn’t knock the 7950 out of the box when it comes to benchmarks, let alone a high-end Xeon or Threadripper/Epyc… Not only must Apple offer equal or better performance (preferably with much better efficiency than the competition. It must be good enough to justify the move from x86 software to ARM software (if it already exists) and it must remain within reach of that part, otherwise I predict that MacPro customers may leave Apple when what they have now is no longer enough…

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