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Then you have to clean your home screen from all unnecessary icons. The App Library was a feature that should have been around years ago. It’s great to have one or two screens tidy up with your most used apps that you want to be available quickly. Then DigiD can be nicely hidden and opened via Spotlight for those few times a year you need it.

But…but… I’ve already cleaned up my home screen, and that was before the App Library came along. The most frequently used apps are immediately available on the first screen. Plus a number of folders “Network”, “Utilities”, “Search” and things where I put less frequently used applications. Then within the folder screen, the most used on the first screen and the rest on subsequent folder screens.

For me it is perfectly clean and clear. The App Library just gives me an unnecessary, messy add-on that I didn’t want.

I just looked at it again, but no: not useful to me. For example, I don’t find it helpful to see apps grouped by function in the overview, but not the individual app names. You just need to know the name of the application you are looking for. If I scroll up in the App Library, I get a list of apps, in alphabetical order – but not grouped by functionality. So, for example, if I were looking for the app to report broken waste containers to the municipality—the exact name of which I don’t know and certainly not the shape of the icon—this app library wouldn’t work for me. While I found it in my own system.

Now I immediately think that different people have different ways of working and the library of apps really added value to other people. But, if you then comment “You have to clean your home screen”, you’re on the shelf. :) It’s really well cleaned here, and I don’t need an extra system.

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