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This is all true (in my opinion), however Architectural license The license that Apple @OMX2000 refers to is actually the highest level of licensing.

I also wrote this under a comment, but Apple last September I made an agreement With ARM for the next ±20 years. Furthermore, the story has been going around for a long time that Apple has a perpetual license as a former co-founder, but this has not been confirmed publicly and thus no details are known.

In light of this potential perpetual license, more than 10 years of purchasing an architectural license and a recently concluded 20-year agreement, I’m very curious as to why this so-called frustration is now so widespread. I just looked no further than the long-running tweakers.net site This seems To play since the SoftBank acquisition in 2016:

Apparently, Son is still waving the iPhone in meetings, according to unidentified sources, and is unhappy about how Arm can earn relatively so little when its processors are in so many devices.

At some point since 2016, SoftBank’s son phoned Tim Cook to say ARM would raise its prices. Cook’s employees have reportedly just referred Son to Apple’s contract with Arm.

With that door closed, Son tried to convince Arm to raise prices with every other company it worked with, but those companies reacted enough to cancel the plan.

That contract between Apple and Arm was scheduled to expire in 2028. The two companies have since signed “a new long-term agreement with Apple that extends beyond 2040,” Arm said in September 2023, “continuing our long-standing relationship of collaboration with Apple and Apple’s access to the Arm architecture.”

Below is more background information, but not much more about the new news from The Information than the two free paragraphs that Tweakers has already linked to. It’s a bit unfortunate, but this seems to be news because for the first time we can attach a number and/or percentage to these IP costs and probably not because Son is still angry with Apple (even though he has been dissatisfied for 7 years…).

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