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There are people who can actually do without money, but don’t want it right away.

And if one can handle it well (with emphasis on it) then there is nothing wrong with it.

Of course there are people who are in debt who can’t handle it, but you have to imagine what the world would be like in your head (if you solved it yourself) immediately with all those who could make mistakes. No. The problem with that is simple)

Although not directly relevant, it reminds me of the same people who often pay municipal taxes or more in installments because they don’t want to miss out on that amount even if they can do it well.

But for both, you have to be more manipulative, and if you eliminate everything that’s “dangerous,” you’re not reaching enough because a certain group of people can’t handle it.

Although I manage my money and bills very well, I know people who can’t, who don’t even get such a loan from Apple or the bank, don’t even get anything in installments (and). Say BKR is a big no).
People who still get money from somewhere and are stuck in debt, if one fails, they will find another way. People underestimate how persistent some people can be when they want something (in a negative sense here).

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