Apple increases the charging capacity of the MagSafe Battery Pack by updating the firmware – tablets and phones – news

I’m happy to talk about it. People are comparing MagSafe with a regular power bank, and the device is not meant for that. It’s an extension of your phone so you can get through your day just so you don’t have to walk around all day with a power bank etc. I used magsafe during my last vacation:
– The device is in the magsif all day long. Every day Whatsapp, Instagram, Spotify, Google Maps and take photos.
– At the end of the day there is still plenty of battery left (>20% but without MagSave, my kit battery will be empty three times)
– Upon arriving at the accommodation my phone is charging on the charger and the next morning both my device and MagSafe are fully charged, all with one cable.

The strength of MagSafe is its ease of use and ease of use. You don’t have to walk around with a power bank all day, you don’t have to “tinker” with multiple cables and don’t forget to charge the Power Bank because MagSafe is “stuck” in a phone. People look at specs blindly and often forget what a device is for and how it “should be used”

I also tested MagSafe for emergency charging of my device, it went from 20% to 70% and MagSafe still had a hole. Is the device expensive? Yes, but for convenience and ease of use I think the price is worth it.

My last use case was riding the 50km bike last weekend, up to 20% on battery and the rest with MagSafe. No need for a big heavy power bank >10000MAH.

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