Apple fixes battery problems with the latest iOS update

Apple fixes battery problems with the latest iOS update

Apple states that ‘unexpectedly large battery charge loss’ is the first point in the explanation from the latest update.

It is not known how common the battery problem is. Shortly after the release of iOS 15.4, some users complained on Twitter, being informed by an Apple Support account advised 48 hours of patience while apps “adapt” to the update.

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The update also fixes a bug in AppleAVD, an iOS and iPadOS component of video playback. Through so-called zero-day leaks, malicious parties can execute arbitrary code with kernel rights: in short, this means unprotected access to the core of the system.

It is recommended to install

According to Apple, there are indications that the vulnerability is already being exploited. Therefore, users are advised to install the update as soon as possible.

Additionally, the update fixes two bugs with accessibility features: Braille devices should no longer malfunction and connection to hearing aids should not be lost.

iOS and iPadOS users can find the update in Settings, under General and Software Update.

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