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Apple announced a new version of the iPad Air at its own online event. The tablet now includes an ultra-wide-angle front-facing camera with Center Stage software to monitor users during video calls on the go. He also has an M1 soc.

Apple iPad Air 2022

This function is possible thanks to the 12-megapixel camera with a viewing angle of about 122 degrees. This camera can already be found on the iPad mini and iPad Pro that were announced last year; The 2020 Air does not have that camera. By default, the program zooms in and “follows” the user during video calls to keep them always in the center of the screen.

The Air also gets a bump in the specs; The soc is now the M1, the same soc found in last year’s iPad Pro models. In addition, in versions with mobile Internet, the modem is suitable for 5G, which is not the case with the previous generation. It happens with the 4×4 MiMo at frequencies below 6 GHz; There is no support for unused mmWave frequencies in Benelux.

The design remains the same, with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the power button at the top and a 10.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels. Apple will launch the tablet in a week and a half and it will cost 698.50 euros. At least 868.50 euros.

iPad Air 2022 64 GB 256 GB
WIFI 698.50 € 868.50 €
Wi-Fi + 5G 868.50 € 1038.50 €

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