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Apple is blocking the use of the Apple Business Manager website via Mozilla Firefox for unknown reasons. If the website is visited via the relevant browser, the user will see an error message: “Your browser is not supported”.

Apple Business Manager can still be accessed via other notable browsers, including Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome, according to the error message. These are browsers based on Webkit or Chromium. Other browsers like Opera and Brave, based on Chromium and Webkit respectively, also have access to Apple Business.

Apple hasn’t explained how to exclude Firefox yet; The lack of support in the respective browser seems to have been an issue for a long time. Verse According to gx The solution is possible. The broker detected the Firefox restrictions and then cleared them by setting user agent In the about:configSettings to modify the Firefox definition in this way. This requires several steps and may change settings. So it is recommended to use any browser extension to modify the user agent.

Apple Business Manager is a platform that allows administrators to manage devices at scale. The service, as the name implies, is for businesses. The platform can be used from almost any popular browser, with the exception of Firefox. Of course it is very easy to start another browser, but blocking the login may cause inconvenience to a few users.

Update 8.25pm: Several Tweakers have reported that the lack of Firefox support has been viable for some time. The article has been revised accordingly.

When a Firefox user goes to, they see the above error message. Image via Apple

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