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The size of the group that receives your confidential information.

For example: I send an email. One person can get it. or a small group of people. If I put my confidential information in an email newsletter, I’d get a few thousand recipients, but that’s where it ends. Most people are skilled and/or smart enough not to put this kind of information in a newsletter, so the recipient pool is small.

The same goes for WhatsApp. Confidential information usually does not extend beyond one person, a small group, or a somewhat larger group, for example an amateur football club.

Such services leave few traces, especially if the message containing confidential information is older. You need space in your phone to create a new d.ckp.cs, so the old stuff goes off. Your mailbox also fills up over time, so you automatically throw something away or it happens automatically.

However, with ChatGPT, confidential information becomes part of the language model, it is never forgotten and is used in requested responses from the moment it becomes part of the language model. You have no control over who the questioner(s) are. Now, not the future.

So there is already a risk assessment that companies need to make. If you deal with information from a third party, that party will immediately enter into a contract that specifically states that you may never share their information. or even save. Failure to comply will result in loss of business and serious fines.

It doesn’t matter if you communicate with her or ask questions.

You think you are too young.

For many companies, it is financially better off blocking and/or blocking ChatGPT and similar software. Provides a lot of risk and any insurance the company has to take so that it can’t immediately declare bankruptcy after a single employee’s mind fart (anywhere in the organization). Or you are suddenly forced to issue appropriate profit warnings, and as a result, investors’ pants get completely tangled.

For those types of companies, the benefits of using ChatGPT don’t outweigh the costs.

You can now send messages automatically via email and Whatsapp, I already know that, but that’s not how the majority of users send messages. With ChatGPT, you never know how many applicants or how many will come. ChatGPT spits out your confidential information to anyone who asks the “magic questions”, until the end of time and/or when the language model is completely emptied and/or runs out of electricity. Don’t see that happening anytime soon.

So ChatGPT should have been called GossipGPT…
It should be very clear to the makers ;)

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