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In my experience (a few years ago) the App Store approval process was very annoying. Standard answers, which do not answer the question (every time), very long processing time (weeks instead of days) and above all very impersonal, completely rigid (rejection of the game because joystick support was requested, acceptable implementation not yet released It can’t be updated – without first having to release the accepted version, otherwise you risk the new app being rejected and the old one will go away, openGL driver crash status is sent via priority ticket, after 6 months (1 mail exchange every 4-6 weeks) it is ‘rejected’ With a request to post it on Apple’s radar (yeah bye I’m not going to start another 6 month discussions here – you guys have everything you need including a mini repro state, which isn’t unique as other apps have crashed using the same Callstack).

Other than that, I’m content with an osx user, but personally I’d rather not work on the OSX version of the software anymore.

In comparison Oculus was really miles ahead, only human answers and in our case (a unique situation that doesn’t quite fall within the rules) flexibility of thinking – reasonable changes for pairs – all very unproblematic.

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