Apple adds battery percentage to the cheapest iPhones with a notch – tablets and phones – news

we will. And what if they did something to it? at least. Something that is visible and useful to users. Siri should in principle be the point of access to this “smart” widget on your Apple phone. (And I don’t mean speech recognition, but it’s all about Siri)

What always really disappoints me is that all the customization systems (whether from Apple, Google, Spotify, Facebook or anyone else) only accomplish one thing. Namely: offering more of the same.

Until a few years ago I had an Android device. I would commute from ‘home’ to ‘work’ and back again every day. However, the system did not understand this. I never received notice that I had to go to work early due to traffic jams. I guess I was going out too early (around 5:30 or so) every day and so the Smart System didn’t realize this was a commute (even though I moved from ‘home’ to ‘work’). Maybe you’re off the margins that much smarter.

I’ve turned Siri off as much as possible (you can’t turn it off completely. It’s also a bunch of different systems, of course. It’s only possible to turn speech recognition off completely). All of the “suggested apps” were really just based on what you started with “yesterday and the day before” at the time. Perhaps if he realized at the time I was physically, he still sometimes wanted to offer the Albert Heijn app (which I always use in this store), but not always (that while Wallet does (often) n AH-pas, but Didn’t understand the app attached to it, even though I’ve been using it that way for years).

All in all, they all behave like they are all wonderfully smart, but despite the fact that they collect, index, process, etc. Only CPU cycles and thus battery capacity are lost.

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