Anyone over 12 can request a repeat shot in the next two weeks| Currently

Anyone over 12 can request a repeat shot in the next two weeks|  Currently

For the next two weeks, the duplicate shot will be available to all people between the ages of twelve and sixty. Next week it will be the turn of people between the ages of 40 and 60. Public Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said in the House of Representatives on Thursday that everyone from the age of 12 to 40 follows “in principle the following week”.

Health care workers and vulnerable people, among others, can currently get the additional vaccination.

Since it involves so many people, not everyone will be able to get the shot right away. But according to Kuipers, this means that “people will have this opportunity within a very short period of time”.

There is no invitation letter on the doormat. Online GGDs and RIVM refer to age groups online daily Repeat injections may be requested. This information is also transmitted via social media, says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in a conversation with

Anyone twelve years of age or older who has the first shot can get the repeat shot. This would give a boost to the immune system. The elderly, people with medical risks and health care workers have been prioritized in recent weeks.

According to Tuesday’s figures, nearly 1.3 million people have undergone repeated shots, including more than a third of all people over the age of 70.

Corona numbers are rising, but it is still not clear whether measures will be taken

The number of positive coronavirus tests has risen rapidly in recent weeks. Since home self-exams are not counted, the actual number of infections may be greater.

According to Kuipers, taking measures depends on the number of infections and how sick people become when infected. People generally do not get very ill from the omikron variant that is now circulating.

Restrictions also depend on how well people are protected. According to Kuipers, “A vaccination program helps a lot. This prevents infection, prevents serious illness, and possibly also prevents long-term complaints after infection.”

Improvement: first reported that people between the ages of twelve and sixty can expect a letter of invitation at home. this is not true. The Ministry, RIVM, and GGDs are communicating online about the age groups eligible for injections.

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