Anton receives two gold records and performs at Ziggo Dome | show

Anton receives two gold records and performs at Ziggo Dome |  show

Singer and rapper Anton has two gold records. In a program Humberto The rapper won the singles gold medal hotel school And Welcome† “Thanks, man,” the Horn-born artist exclaimed when presenter Humberto Tan handed him gold records.

These are not the first gold records won by Valentin Verkerke, as Anton is called. for a big hit hyperventilation He received not only gold, but also a platinum record. He also achieved gold and platinum status with Big2 for Leuk’s single. Gold was also there for Anton and Paul Sinha in their path Boat

At Humberto, Anton also looked back at the past two years in which he became the Netherlands’ most streamed artist from scratch. “It must be a bit of luck,” he replied when asked where his success came from. , and people have to give it to you, and you have to have good timing. But it’s also hard work.”

Anton said that hard work was instilled in him from an early age. His father said he had to work hard if he wanted to be an artist. “I always had to make my time in music and that helped me in the end.” As he said it earlier Interview with this site† “When my high school friends got part-time jobs at the supermarket, my dad said, ‘You won’t fill the bins. You get some pocket money, then you can work on your music. “

Anthony’s not ready yet. “If I get a gold record like that, I want two or I want a platinum record. That keeps the engine running.”

Ziggo Dome

bee Humberto Anton also announced that he will be performing at the Ziggo Dome on December 17. He talks about “a dream come true”. He decided to perform in the main hall, because his club tour sold out very quickly. Anton will be there with a bigger band and a bigger dance crew. There will also be special guests and videographers, as promised by the singer, who said he will blow up the Ziggo Dome.

Regular ticket sales begin May 3. Fans can already register and get priority.

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