Antoinette was affected by the diagnosis in my skin that does not look like: skin cancer

Antoinette was affected by the diagnosis in my skin that does not look like: skin cancer

Antoinette tells her story to Dr. Mino. “This place has recently become aggressive,” she says. “It’s quiet at the moment.” Dr. Mino thinks otherwise: “Then we disagree on that.”

Antoinette had a barley seed ten years ago, and at that time she often stabbed it with a needle. But the wound has not healed since then. I’ve tried to bridge the gap with all kinds of (expensive) treatments, but it didn’t work.

Doctor Mino asks, “Do you know what’s on your cheek?”. But Antoinette has no idea. Then comes a harsh judgment. “This is just a classic case of skin cancer. This will not go away on its own.” Antoinette seems moved by this announcement. Doctor Mino assured her that she should do something with him now. “In ten years, your whole cheek will be a major melanoma.”

Antoinette does not understand. “I’m not a sun worshiper, you know.” But even if you’re outside, there can be risks. “From 0 Years To Now: All the sun you’ve been through is stored in your skin’s memory.”

Fortunately, there is good news. “Skin cancer always sounds so awful. The word cancer is in it. Then you think: My last hour has come. That’s not the case in this case. It can only destroy things locally.”

A few weeks later, Antoinette went under the knife at Dr. Juran. Fortunately, the stain can be removed easily and is advertised clean quickly. She will have a scar from the surgery. However, doctor Juran Antoinette assures will eventually lead to a good result. “I’m so glad it happened and I’m sure it will be beautiful,” Antoinette says after the operation.

A few weeks later, Antoinette comes with an update. “You see, it was a tough procedure. It left me with a little bit of pain. But everything still has to heal. That’s a year ago. I’m so glad I did, because it was a wound after all. It’s growing in your face, getting bigger. I’m clean.” Now, I got rid of it. I’m really happy with it.”

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