Ant fight? Wipe away the trace of ant odor Romky van de ka

Ant fight?  Wipe away the trace of ant odor  Romky van de ka

Private garden firstGardener Romke van de Kaa is furious this week over the fight against ants. He believes that fighting them is unnecessary because they are good for biodiversity.

I am an addicted newspaper reader. I get completely upset when the newspaper is not delivered. I read several daily newspapers from them devotionGood Newspaper, not one of those, but one that uses the word sustainability so often on the same page that it makes your stomach sick.

Answered in the “Green Evidence” section. devotion Questions about environmentally conscious living. Recently it was about ants. It is not about the usefulness of the ant and the wonderful, tightly organized life in the country of the ants, North Korea looks like a playground. He doesn’t even talk about the long tongue of a green woodpecker whose diet consists mainly of ants, nor even about the miracle of some butterflies breeding caterpillars in ant nests. It was about fighting ants.


Fighting ants isn’t entirely environmentally conscious

Romky van de ka

I’m not completely environmentally conscious, but I know it’s April: the month when the onslaught of spring begins. I wouldn’t be surprised if more boxes of ant bait are sold at garden centers than plants in April.

Wipe away the ant smell with soap

Ant bait boxes are not recommended in Green Guide: ‘You can fight with an arsenal of pesticides, like poison. But there are also peaceful and nature-friendly ways to get rid of animals. Then an expert from Stichting Kennis- en Adviescentrum Dierplagen explained that the workers of the ant colony leave a scent trail that other ants follow. You can clean this smell with soap. This will erase the trace of the smell.

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14-year-old Twan Evers has some adorable pets (VIDEO):

Environmental advice. I did well. Although — the advice is far from over: “You can pour boiling water into the hole of the nest, with the aim of killing the queen.” You can identify this nest by a hole with white sand around it where ants enter and exit. If the queen dies, the rest of the nest will die as well.

The article quotes a second serial killer, who agrees: “You may be exterminating ants, but this relieves the inconvenience very quickly.”

“If you want to use boiling water to control ants, it is important, according to the Knowledge and Extension Center, to pour the water slowly and repeat daily,” adds the environmental journalist. So much for the advice of a newspaper that doesn’t see the connection between killing ants and biodiversity.

Ant bait boxes are toxic to bees

But it can always be worse. When I walked into my local AH looking for a forgotten message, I almost ran into a cardboard shelf at the entrance that read “Last van bugs?”. It does not contain insecticides against pubic lice or bed bugs, but it does contain fruit flies, mosquitoes, blacksmith flies, silverfish and – of course – ants. The active substance in the ant bait boxes (€ 5.99 per pack of 2) is spinosad, which is toxic to bees, worms and fish.

The big filler may pay attention to the little ones, but not to the ants and other animals.

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Do you sometimes feel lost when you see a whole ant parade walking towards your home? (video):

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