Another coup in Burkina Faso: dissolution of the government and suspension of the constitution | Currently

Another coup in Burkina Faso: dissolution of the government and suspension of the constitution |  Currently

A coup has occurred in Burkina Faso for the second time this year. Army Captain Ibrahim Traore ousted Army Commander Paul Henri Sandaugo Damiba, dissolved the government and suspended the constitution. He said this in a statement read on national television Friday evening.

According to Traore, a group of soldiers decided to oust Damiba because he was unable to contain the uprising of Islamist militants in the country. He announced that he would close the borders indefinitely and suspend all political and social activities.

Fighting broke out in the capital, Ouagadougou, on Friday morning. The government announced earlier on Friday evening that this was the result of an “internal crisis” within the army. A government spokesman said negotiations were underway to reach a settlement.

Heavy fire was heard early in the morning in some residential areas of Ouagadougou. There was also a large explosion near the presidential palace and shooting around the headquarters of the Military Council. The soldiers took up their positions along the road to the presidential palace. They blocked access to administrative buildings and to national television, which had stopped broadcasting for several hours.

Damiba vowed to restore security

Now it seems that another coup has been committed. On January 24, the Military Council led by Colonel Damiba seized power. Most of the population welcomed this coup. They are tired of the inability of former President Rosh Kabore’s government to contain Islamist militants.

This week witnessed anti-army demonstrations in the cities of Burkina Faso. In his first statement after the takeover in January, Dameba pledged to restore security. However, attacks have worsened in the impoverished West African country, and the military is in disarray. Supporters, who still supported Dameba in January, are said to have been frustrated by the lack of progress.

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