Angry cultivators remained angry, and the solution is very simple

Angry cultivators remained angry, and the solution is very simple
Jean-Pierre Gillin

Here’s what you get when there’s no more taboo: Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the dreaded nitrogen map of fellow farmer Christian van der Waal “the tuck”. Here’s what dairy farmer Anton Stockmann said on Thursday news hourAfter the prime minister visited. The farmer thought the “jerk” was the Hague for: not good. I think so too.

“Fantastic”, but not yet the new management culture we were promised. Rutte’s pleur op still echoes in Zaandam’s “Scum of the Edge” title. Just like the hearty ‘Jeez, God damn’ when Rutte knocked over a cup of coffee in the room.

However it was in news hour It is time for political interpretation. A memorable question from Jeroen Wollaars to point of duty, Nynke de Zoeten: “We hear here that Rutte classifies that ticket as a ‘drawer.’ Is that amazing? The political translator of course wouldn’t say ‘no.’ De Zoeten heard a distinct difference in voice with What used to be called: “Suboptimal, also very Hague”.

His non-parliamentary language is clearly paving the way for Utrecht, where angry farmers and cabinet members had coffee on Friday with “debate leader” Johan Remks, who suddenly no longer wanted to be called “mediator”. Was looking forward to it and the weather was nice, he feigned sunshine beforehand. It is said “without flour in the mouth”. Reasonable, with an impending pill crunch.

Christian van der Waal also came to “listen”. I’ve already heard, of course, how Roti threw that bucket of shit on her head out of burlap the day before. Stink for Thanksgiving: If you hold your ground on behalf of the closet, your boss will throw you at the trigger.

Now this card was of course also a connection error. It was clear from the start that it was just a rough draft. If you can’t make that sink into the minds of the angry peasants, you’ve done something wrong. Ruk, in the yards of the Binnenhof. If it was immediately clear to everyone that the farmers were not allowed to draw conclusions from this for his company, it would save tons of emissions from burning bales of dredged material and asbestos.

Friday’s talks were shrouded in fog – unless it was ammonia fumes. Remix noted that it took longer than expected, referred to a “severe crisis of confidence”, and at most there was agreement on technology as a life buoy. Everyone was angry. Whereas the solution is very simple: drastically reduce intensive livestock farming, and generously compensate and reward the able-bodied farmers of the future. Best before 2030.

A reporter asked Remix next if there was still room for improvement in government policy. He hoped it would “remove some coolness from the air”. That hope was great: so Johan Remix was completely different from his name mentioned in the report two years ago. Not everything is possible everywhere I thought the government’s policy on nitrogen was too slow.

Meanwhile, the following connection error had already presented itself. A Remix spokesman said consultations had bypassed “because the atmosphere is so good”. The atmosphere was apparently so good that the table attendant LTO immediately let her know that she “categorically disagrees” with that description.

So the slime-throwing continued unabated. The old Boulder land had dried up completely, and all sides had dug themselves into pits. The situation, as they say in our house, remained completely unstable.

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