angry citizens of Alkmaar; Riots in relief parade

angry citizens of Alkmaar;  Riots in relief parade

A bystander approaches the protesters menacingly as they join the melee with fighting dogs that appear to be dangerous.© Marco Shelp

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For a moment, a gloomy atmosphere prevailed in the Alkmaar Anzt parade as angry citizens and farmers with upturned flags wanted to stop the parade.

The group wanted to join the show. According to Mayor Anja Schouten, this was in contravention of agreements previously reached with United Hands Group. Demonstration was allowed, but only from 4:30. So when the protesters wanted to leave at 2:30, the agents stopped them. For safety reasons, it was also not allowed to start the show at that time. It happened half an hour later.

Demonstrators chose to walk the road with their inverted flags and protest banners. They were met with cheers from the crowd. When a small group at the Julianastraat/Kennemerstraatweg intersection tried to stop the show and dangerous looking fighting dogs were added, angry passersby flew into the street. There was a push and pull and fists clenched. The protesters quickly descended again and the procession could continue.

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