March 31, 2023

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Android apps on Windows 11 can connect to local network after update – Computer – News

You probably know the story where the drive letters come from.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Microsoft made a hardware card for the Apple II that contained a Zilog 80 CPU and powered the Digital Research CPM.

Bill Gates saw success and was eager to own an operating system himself. One day Bill Gates’ mother came to him because Mary Gates was on the board of IBM, Bill Gates knew CPM well, and she was then the market leader in the desktop software industry. That moment is what Bill Gates has been waiting for, but he needed a good moment to give IBM something through what is now called asset recovery or theft. Fortunately for Bill Gates, Tim Patterson of Seattle Computer converted the 8-bit numeric lookup instruction from the CPM to 16-bit, sort of like converting the number 256 to 000256 was that simple.

Bill Gates Sent Paul Allen To Tim Patterson And Bought The Fast And Dirty Operating System QDOS For $50,000

But this wasn’t a smart move by Bill Gates, his clever move was that Bill made IBM think that software was not part of IBM’s business. So IBM agreed to give Microsoft a margin for every MS-DOS/PC-DOS sold.

Even Windows drive letters, yes even Powershell, are still remembered as the overt Eastern Egg from PC-Dos that actually came from Digital Research. The Computer History Museum has many details on this topic, but they may not be distributed as described in the memoirs of murdered owner Gary Kildall in 1994.

Scaling up to the CPU with more bits from 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 is called THUNKING.

In computer programming, a thunk is a subroutine used to inject an arithmetic operation into another subroutine. Thunks are mainly used to delay an arithmetic operation until its result is required, or to insert operations at the beginning or end of another subroutine. They have many other applications in compiler code generation and modular programming.

The term originated as an irregular eccentric form of the verb think.

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Bill Gates, on Android Topic, has never forgiven himself for losing $400 billion and is still sad about it. This has also appeared on all computer websites as Bill Gates’ biggest mistake. Perhaps Bill Gates will now find some comfort in knowing that Microsoft can now also run Android in Windows 11.