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Google has released Developer Preview 2 for Android 13. The final developer preview before the beta arrives includes various improvements, such as support for Bluetooth Audio LE and Midi 2.0.

Google reports that developers Developer Preview 2 for Android 13 It can be installed and the company explains some of the changes in the version. For example, Android 13 apps must request user permission to send notifications. Google advises developers to focus on Android 13 as soon as possible and ensure that their apps ask for permission. Android 13 also includes a file Revoke OwnPermissionsOnKill-api which removes permissions previously granted on older Android versions to protect user privacy.

DP 2 from Android 13 includes support for displaying COLRv1 fonts and also system emojis will be updated to this version. Font formatting allows for efficient display of vector fonts with gradients, according to Google. Also new is support for Bluetooth Audio LE, which offers extensive options for sharing audio streams. Also, the next Android version supports MIDI 2.0 to control musical instruments. The Midi version provides, among other things, higher control accuracy for the old standard.

COLRv1 emoji (left) and bitmap (right)

Police discovered another A series of other changes In developer version. For example, there’s a new media player that allows users to pair with Bluetooth devices faster, Do Not Disturb will be renamed Priority Mode, the language can be set for each app and there appears to be a taskbar for Kids Mode.

It’s about the latest developer mode in Android 13. Beta versions will follow in April and May. The final release will be after July, most likely in September or October.

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