Andrei: “Thanks to the timely intervention of doctors, I can continue for a while”

Andrei: "Thanks to the timely intervention of doctors, I can continue for a while"

Fortunately, the doctors were able to help the comedian in time and he recovered after a long period of rehabilitation. However, his struggle is not over yet, now he wants to use his fame to help people: “It’s good to be able to provide a little awareness of my fame.” Well, if Van Doyen does, let’s follow the example, “People might think. At least, I hope so. Thanks to my doctors’ timely intervention, I can go on for a while.”

He continues, “My wish is to stay healthy for a while, but I don’t have a long list anymore. I don’t need to skydive anymore.”

So it was not in vain that Andrei bought the first copy of the book tube doctor From Nienke Gottenbos. “Courage is the foundation of your health and therefore very important. This book will help you keep your gut looking its best.” She tells the newspaper.

Far from his goal of raising awareness, the 74-year-old comedian tries to have fun every day. He greatly misses his husband Martin Elfrink, who passed away in January of 2020: “I try to make the day as much as possible, although of course it is different, because my husband is no longer around. I went with him to the cinema or theater or friends. I miss that so badly.”

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